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    Digital Newsletters — Original, Curated or Contracted?

    by  • May 25, 2016 • 

    In this session you will learn how to: Incorporate your newsletter into your larger communications, marketing and social media strategies Create newsletters that connect with your members, leading to higher open rates and click-throughs Personalize and segment newsletters Use your newsletter to promote your magazine and to market events Create a consistent voice, brand...

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    3 Things You Should NEVER Do to Close an Ad Sale

    by  • December 10, 2013 • Growing Non-Dues Revenue, Growing Revenue, Maximizing ROI, Selling Out Advertising Inventory

    At the end of the year, you’re scrambling to capture any dollars leftover in customers’ ad budgets and seal the deal on 2014. But no matter how badly you feel the pressure, here are three things you should never do. 1. Don’t undervalue your ad space. You give your advertisers access to an audience they...

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