Effective Strategic Marketing for Associations and More

Our Team Delivers


With an integrated strategy and collaborative approach, Scott Oser Associates and his team of expert marketing consultants will partner with you to devise  a multi-channel marketing plan utilizing direct mail, email, e-newsletters, your website, social media, content marketing, marketing automation, etc, to build your organizations’ awareness, attract members, increase revenues,  sell out trade shows, and engage your audience.

What Our Clients Say

“I have truly enjoyed working with Scott and his team; they are consistent, easy to work with, and drive results. Scott Oser Associates has assisted our association with two consecutive years of membership growth, bringing in 39% of our new members last fiscal year.

“I would recommend Scott Oser Associates to any organization looking for a very hands on customized approach…”

“Scott Oser Associates provided sales service for International Association of Interviewers over a 12 month period. In that time he provided us with excellent service, guidance and sales…”

“Attendees of my our membership workshop left with specific ideas they can implement in their local associations and the resources they need to make it go from talk to action.”

“[Scott Oser] Not afraid to ask the hard questions and dig into the details…”

“Diligent, persistent, and provides creative suggestions…”

“From short term project management, through long term strategic campaigns..”

“Scott [Oser] provided great ideas for our association’s membership outreach/convention marketing campaign that were well-suited to the association.”

“He [Scott Oser] was great to work with and truly understood the needs of small-staff associations!”