I have seen a number of posts, and heard a number of comments, over the last few days about how some associations are trying to get members to renew, or support them in other ways, by telling them that without their dues or support the association will cease to exist.  Although this may be true this approach is surprising to me and in my opinion a very selfish and self-defeating message.

Associations exist because of our members.  I realize that we have sources of non-dues revenue and other ways to generate funds but the core of most associations is the membership.

Now, especially, is the time to show our members they are our main focus and that we care about them and understand that this is a challenging time of need for many.  It is time to put extra effort into putting ourselves in to their shoes and using that insight to inform them about how we can help them.  Some of those resources may require membership and some of those resources may have a price tag on them.  That is ok as long as not everything costs money and the resources are truly designed to help a member’s current need(s).

You need to continue to communicate with your members and show them you know them and understand them and have their back.  The more targeted those communications can be toward their needs the more likely they are to stay connected to your association and be even more involved when this is all behind us.