• 5 Steps to Get Ready for A Direct Response Communications Audit

    by  • March 25, 2015 • Implementing Multi-Channel Campaigns, Improving Member Retention, Maximizing ROI

    A Direct Response Communications Audit can be very beneficial to almost any association or business.  The first step is to get BOD and upper level buy-in.  Once you have that here are 5 steps to get your association ready for a direct response communications audit.  These can be used whether you do it internally or outsource.

    1. Gather samples of every thing you do that asks for a direct action from the recipient (direct mail, telemarketing scripts, email, website, partnerships, etc) and get it all in one place
    2. Gather detailed information about these items to include audience, frequency/schedule, message, cost, production process, resource needs, etc.
    3. Gather detailed response rates to every item you want to include for at least the last 2 years.
    4. Gather the names and contact information of people you think will be important to this process.
    5. Set clear objectives and timelines so you know where you are trying to go and when you need it done.

    If you start with these 5 steps the outcomes of your audit will have significantly more impact.  Best of luck!


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