So you’ve launched your association’s new e-zine…now what? How do you make sure the members know it’s available?

An e-zine should be promoted through as many of your normal association communications channels as you can. Here are some ideas to consider:

1. Use your print publication. The editor’s note or president’s letter are great places to tell people iyour e-zine is coming and that they should white list the address it will come from. Place house ads in the publication announcing the launch, as well as the email address it will come from.

2. Use social media. Place ads or announcements on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Use Twitter to give a countdown to when the first issue will arrive in their inboxes.

3. Use conferences. If you have meetings or conferences that happen before the launch, tell members it is coming during opening sessions, in ads in your program book, on the website, etc.

4. Use email. Send an email to members letting them know what the e-zine is about and why they should white list the address and read the publication. If you have an e-newsletter you can put ads or announcements there as well.

5. Use your association’s leadership. Have board members and committee leaders tell members about the e-zine and the value of reading it.

6. Use your website. Announce the launch of the e-zine on the website. A countdown to launch could work here as well. Advertise the e-zine and have a registration link for people who want to get it. Finally, you can put a sample issue up so people can see what it is they will be receiving.

7. Use your membership materials. When people join or renew their membership, tell them about the e-zine in your new member or returning member kits.

The point is obvious: Use as many internal, free promotional opportunities as possible. It is also going to be critical that no matter what method(s) you decide to use, make sure to let people know what benefits they will receive from the e-zine, when it will first arrive, and that they should white list the email address to make sure it doesn’t end up in their spam filter.