Scott OserRapid Results Consulting is for those times when a full-scale consulting engagement is not necessary or appropriate.

Here are some scenarios when Rapid Results Consulting could be the solution you have been looking for:

  • You have a plan for a marketing/membership campaign in place but need an outside perspective on what can be improved or done differently so that you can have a better chance at reaching your goals
  • You’re considering trying a marketing or sales tactic that you have never used before and would like some guidance on the pros and cons of your ideas
  • Your sales and marketing efforts have hit a plateau and you want access to someone with the knowledge to help you succeed going forward
  • You are getting ready to launch a marketing, membership or sales activity but need one last set of eyes to make sure nothing has been omitted
  • You have a promotional piece that needs a fresh set of eyes for a review that points out the strengths, weaknesses and potential changes that could be made to improve performance
  • You report to someone who does not understand marketing so you need advice on how to best communicate with that individual so that you are both on the same page

With Rapid Results Consulting you receive full access to Scott Oser’s years of membership, marketing and sales experience much more quickly and cost effectively.

There are two options for Rapid Results Consulting:

For a $595 (or $795) investment, you’ll get up to one hour (cumulatively) of phone consulting, plus unlimited email exchange for up to five business days following the initial call. In addition, should you engage Scott Oser Associates for a larger project within 30 days of your remote consulting, your $595 (or $795) investment will be credited back to you.

Contact if you are interested in Rapid Results Consulting.

I have truly enjoyed working with Scott and his team; they are consistent, easy to work with, and drive results. Scott Oser Associates has assisted our association with two consecutive years of membership growth, bringing in 39% of our new members last fiscal year.

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